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The Digital Network Clock is a simple, easy-to-use, autonomous clock. What makes this clock “autonomous” is that you never need to set the time — you simply turn it on, connect it to your local WiFi network, and it will display the current time using signals received from Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers. Plus, the clock contains an internal rechargable battery so that it can operate for extended periods when the external power goes out. The clock can be ordered with a Blue Red or Green digital LED matrix display.

dNc View (Red, Green, and Blue)

UTC time (Coordinated Universal Time) is displayed in 24-hour format by default on the clock, unless it was ordered with custom time zone and/or daylight savings time settings (_I can make you a custom version of the clock if you specify this option when ordering ).

Blue LEDs, Left Blue LEDs, Middle Blue LEDs, Right
Green LEDs, Left Green LEDs, Middle Green LEDs, Right
Red LEDs, Left Red LEDs, Middle Red LEDs, Right